• Custom led door sills - (type RGB)

Illuminated door sills with RGB lighting is a modern option for any car.

These led door sills are specially designed for your car with Custom design.

Type of sills: RGB.

- High Quality Stainless Steel (main color: polished stainless steel),
- Acrylic Base,
- Double-Side Adhesive Tape.

To correctly connect the led sills, you must connect the cables to any power source in the door, which is activated when the door is opened. The power of sills can be a door limit switch, foot lights, a door lamp or any other power source that is activated when a specific door is opened.

Important: it is with this connection that the door sills will be activated only when the door is opened, which will extend their service life.

The set includes 2 sills for the front doors, or you can order for all doors.

This version of led door sills has the ability to change the color of the overlays, change the brightness, activate several illumination modes (blinking, changing color, glow from the sound). To manage all the modes, you need to install the application on your smartphone (any operating system), then you can easily and easily use all the settings and modes. The link to the application is in the instructions.
The connection to the smartphone is realized via Bluetooth.

1. Clean the surface.
2. Take off the protection film from the double-side advesive tape.
3. Stick the item to the door entry surface
4. Do not wash the car in 24 hours.
5. Should be connected to +, - to the vehicle.
(For a correct connection, we recommend that you contact a specialist).

We can produce door sills with illumination with an individual logo. If you are interested in this offer, please contact us.

Development and production of OPdesign.

Made in Poland (Europe).

We suggest you watch a video with this product:

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Custom led door sills - (type RGB)

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