Unique keychain in the car Lincoln Navigator IV 2018+.
Type (code of keychain): STEEL,
Material: stainless steel,
Color: Grey Matted,
Length keychain (without ring and chain): 65mm (2.56"),
Length (total with chain and ring): 110mm (4.33"),
Width (total): 20-25 mm (0.79"-0.98"),
Thickness: 1.5mm (1/16"),
Metal ring and chain.
The keychain can be installed on any type of key.


These keychain is a perfect gift for car owners & enthusiasts!

The keychain is made as a small copy of this car while maintaining all proportions and geometric features.
When developing each keychain - this is our main task.

Stainless steel is an excellent solution for the production of keychains, as this material has excellent properties and a natural appearance.

This material has excellent resistance to damage, due to which the keychain is very difficult to deform.

The keychain is made using laser equipment.

The surface of the keychain on both sides has a matte (polished) surface. This is to prevent scratches and other damage from appearing on the surface of the keyfob.

Therefore, the keychain will retain its high-quality look for a long time. The final processing of the keychain is done manually.

If you are interested in the production of an individual order, add any text or name to the keychain, you can execute the order contact us.

The production time for this keychain is 7 days after order creation.

The keychain comes in a plastic bag. If you wish to order a keychain in a gift box, you can add a gift box to your order.

Production: OPdesign (Ukraine, Europe).

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Keychain Lincoln Navigator IV 2018+ - (type STEEL)

  • Product Code: steel-LINC-NAVI-4
  • USD 19.99

  • 2 or more USD 16.99