Car keychains for KIA

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Are you looking for a car keychain for KIA? You found us right. This is the official store of the manufacturer of car accessories OPDESIGN.

We have been working in the field of car accessories since 2009 and have vast experience in this business. The main task for us is to come up with and produce a unique product with decent quality. And we do it.

This section of our store presents a large assortment of keyfobs of different types for many KIA models. For each model, we offer several types of keychains with different designs. You can choose the best option for yourself.

When developing each type of key fob, we pay great attention to details, our key fob is a reduced copy of your car, the design takes into account all geometric dimensions, features of body parts, and so on.

The material of our keychains is stainless steel of excellent quality. This material is the best solution for a keychain. Stainless steel is strong, has excellent weather resistance, and just looks great. The keychain in the hands has weight, it is not light and not heavy. The keychain has a polished surface on both sides, this is done on purpose so that damage does not appear on its surface and the keychain will not lose its appearance.

Each keychain has a universal mount in the form of a chain and a ring, you can easily and quickly install our keychain for KIA on any key.

In addition to the proposed types and designs of keychains, you can order an individual design. To do this, you need to place an order using this link, send us a photo of your car, we will develop a project with a design and provide it to you. If you approve it, we will produce a keychain and send it to you.

We can also offer a new type of product, such as a bottle opener with a view of your car. Follow this link to view this product.

We ship keychains worldwide with free shipping. Terms and time of delivery depend on the distance of your country from Ukraine.

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