Keychains for Nissan

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Keychain Nissan is a car accessory that is always with you and with your keys. A keychain should bring you joy and pleasant memories.
This key fob is of the STEEL type. STEEL is a car key ring that displays your car in profile in full and with maximum detail while maintaining all proportions and sizes. It is laser-cut from stainless steel to the shape of your vehicle and has the exact geometric features of your vehicle, such as the exact location of doors, windows and all other visible body parts of your vehicle.
Our range is constantly updated, so with each Facelift of the car, we also update the look of this key fob.

This type of keychain for Nissan has a very attractive appearance due to the fact that it has a natural shiny metal color, its surface plays with light and shines. The entire surface of the keychain is completely sanded, due to which it is very smooth and pleasant to the touch, which is pleasant to hold in your hand and you can feel all the shapes of your car and not worry that you can get hurt or cut yourself.

Keychain STEEL for Nissan laser-cut from stainless steel 1.5 mm thick, this thickness is enough for its strength and reliability! The length of the key fob ranges from 60 mm to 65 mm, depending on which model of your car and its body! Stainless steel is the optimal material for this kind of keychain.

When you buy this keychain, we send it to you in a gift box, which upon opening you will receive a good car accessory and a nice gift for yourself or your close friends!

Buying it you will be happy with your choice!!!