Keychains for Tesla

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The Tesla keychain is a very popular and stylish car accessory.

Many of us use different types of key chains on our keys. The car key is also often supplemented with some kind of key fob.

We offer in this catalog of our online store various types of car accessories for Tesla owners.

We are the developer and manufacturer of many products from our range. At the same time, we focus on uniqueness and quality. In the production, only high-quality materials are used, which guarantees an excellent appearance and durability of the use of any car accessory.

STEEL keychain is a car key fob made in the form of a car of any Tesla model in profile. This version of the keychain is made of German stainless steel. The length of the keychain is about 11 cm, the thickness is 1.5 mm, These dimensions We have chosen not in vain, 11 cm is the optimal length of a key chain with a chain and a ring, i.e. it is neither big nor small, and 1.5 mm thick is enough to prevent the key chain from deforming due to the properties of stainless steel. All stainless steel key chains have a metal chain and a winding ring, so the key chain can be installed on any kind of key.

3D key fob for Tesla is a complete analogy with the above-described keyring, only the look of the car has been changed. It simultaneously shows the front of a particular Tesla model, but also the side.

The MIXT key ring is at first glance a simple key ring, but also interesting. It has two parts, the first is a 2 mm thick metal plate, the second is a genuine leather strap and a ring for attaching the go to the keys. This type of car keychain is heavier than other keychains, which is why it is popular. In addition, this keychain does not have any coverage, so its appearance will persist for years.

If you want to buy a keychain or any auto accessory for Tesla? Here you will find unique products with excellent quality!