We offer an excellent car accessory and a stylish item for your Key.

This key case serves two purposes:

- protection of the key from all damage,
- is a great and beautiful accessory for your car.

A car key is a thing that every driver uses several times a day. Over time, each key loses its original appearance. Everyone noticed how over time the key becomes covered with small scratches, scuffs appear, and maybe even plastic chips. 
Modern car keys have various electrical components built into the case, which can be easily damaged if the key falls on a hard surface. If the key falls down, it can be damaged so that you will have to change it to a new one, and often the original one, which will cause significant material expenses.

This key cover can protect the key body and the key itself from these problems.

The protective case is designed specifically for a specific key. It completely follows the shape of the key, so it fits as closely as possible. after installing the key cover, it will be as the factory one.

The cover is made of high quality genuine leather. The leather case consists of 3 parts, they are connected to each other with a black nylon thread. This constructive solution adds an excellent decorative component to the look of the cover.

Control buttons are applied on the main surface of the case. You can use all the functions of the dongle without removing it from the case.

The key is securely fixed inside the case, it has an additional ring and a carabiner. You can install it on any key fob or other key.

You can find out more about this case in this video:

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Leather Keycover for Jeep Compass II 2016+ with logo SRT

  • Product Code: LKH-DO
  • $29.99

  • 2 or more $24.99