Door sills

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Led door sills guards are a modern way to add an interesting effect to the interior of your vehicle.

The illuminated door sills also have a protective function. They will perfectly protect the inner threshold from damage that occurs when you touch the shoes when getting into the car.

Why us? The main thing that distinguishes our products from analogues, such as Chinese, is the approach to business. The main rate of the manufacturer is quality, therefore led door sills are established as original and as much as possible protect surfaces of internal thresholds of your car. Quality materials add the main component to the end result.

We are the manufacturer of this car accessory and can offer a large selection of illuminated door sills covers for a wide range of vehicles. We focus on quality, so you can be sure that you will receive an excellent and high-quality product.

We offer a wide range of sill plates, although we are constantly expanding it. If you have not found an offer for your car, contact our managers.

In the production of the led door sills, high-quality materials are used, for example, stainless steel looks great and protects the thresholds from damage as much as possible.

We offer several color options for illuminating the sills. This will make your choice more flexible according to your requirements. The backlight will be bright and visible even in a sunny threshold. At night you will get maximum illumination.

In addition to standard solutions, you can order exclusive overlays, for example with your own inscription. In addition, you can also order the color of the backlight.

For wholesale customers, car dealerships, online stores we have offers with wholesale prices.