Led door sills for Dodge

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Illuminated door sills guards for Dodge are a modern option and an interesting feature for your vehicle interior.

We are the developer and manufacturer of led door sills covers. We develop lining for a specific car model and take into account all the features of the geometry of the threshold.

The main task of the led door sill pads is to protect the surface of the Dodge sill from damage that occurs due to touching the shoes when getting into the car. The second purpose of illuminated door sills is to add quality lighting when the door of a Dodge is opened.

We focus on the quality of our products. We use European-made stainless steel, we use high-quality backlighting elements. Threshold adhesive tape has the maximum degree of adhesion.

We offer several color options for Dodge owners, you can choose a suitable color from 1 out of 7. In addition, you can order illuminated door sills with an individual design. The price for such orders is slightly higher, but you get a set that only you will have, and your car will receive individuality.

The installation of illuminated door sills can be made to any power source that is activated when the door is opened. With this connection, the backlight will work for the maximum period.

We ship orders all over the world, to the USA and Canada the delivery time is 5-10 days, to other countries the delivery time is longer.

If you are the owner of any Dodge model that is not on the list, contact us, we will try to make a set of overlays for your car.

Order a great option and quality now!