We bring to your attention an interesting type of door sill plates for your BMW X5 E70 2006-2013.

These door sills are made of plastic. They have a unique design, an image with the quality of a photo will be applied on the cover, due to which you will receive an interesting accessory for the interior of your car. Having opened the door, the offered covers will attract the attention of you and your passengers. In addition to its attractive appearance, the door sill plates will protect the surface of the inner sill from damage.

Design and color.

These door sills are designed in a carbon fiber look. It is made using a print on the back of the top plastic layer. This technology guarantees excellent quality close to the photo, while it is not possible to damage the image.
You can choose the color of carbon at the time of ordering, we offer several color variations.
In addition, you can order the color of the logo.
As a result, you will receive an interesting color design that suits only you.

If you are interested in an individual order, for example, the background color or your logo, you can follow this link and place your order. The price for an individual order is a little higher, but you can order any background and any logo in any color variation and get a set that only you and only with your design will have.

The thickness of the sill is 5.8 mm. The length and width are performed for each model separately.

Color presentation video:


Door sills are installed on the inside of the vehicle sill with high-quality double-sided tape. He will reliably fix the door sills and keep it on him as much as possible.
For a high-quality installation, you need to prepare the surface for installation, clean, degrease and install the cover. Then press it on all surfaces. Installation is simple and does not take much time.

Made OPdesign, Poland, Europe

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Plastic door sills for BMW X5 E70 2006-2013 - (type CARBON)

  • Product Code: CARB-BM-X5-E70
  • $65.00

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